Kuwait To Increase Price Of Diesel And Kerosene By 12 Percent In June
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Kuwait is planning to increase the price of diesel and kerosene by 12 percent in June.

A committee tasked to rationalize spending has come up with the diesel and kerosene hike as a readjustment move, taking into account the trend in global energy prices.

"Diesel and kerosene will be sold for 90fils and 95 fils respectively next month”, governmental sources told Arabic newspaper Alrai.

This is the third time Kuwaiti authorities are announcing a monthly increase in the prices of diesel and kerosene.

The same panel increased the price of diesel first to 75 fils, and then to 80 fils last April and this month, respectively.

The price of kerosene has also been increased first to 80 fils, and then to 85 fils for the last two months. Last March, a litre of diesel and kerosene cost 70 fils.



22 May, 2016 0 1185
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