Kuwait To Witness 3 Phenomena With Moon From October 3-8
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Department of Astronomy and Space at the Scientific Club announced that Kuwait will witness three phenomena of conjunction with the Moon from October 3-8 involving Venus, Saturn and Mars.

In this context, Director of Astronomy and Space Bader Hamoud Al-Omaira declared the conjunction between Venus and Moon will occur Monday during which Venus will be 4.5 arch degrees away from the Moon. He noted Venus and the Moon will be -3.83 and 7 percent bright respectively, while conjunction will occur in the middle of Libra and Virgo.

He noted the second conjunction will happen between Saturn and the Moon on Thursday, Oct 6. He indicated Saturn will be 3.5 arch degrees towards the north of the Moon, while the brightness of Saturn and the Moon will be 0.63 and 23 percent respectively. The phenomenon will take place in the middle of Eve and Scorpio.

He pointed to the third phenomenon as conjunction between Mars and the Moon, where Mars will keep a distance of 6.4 arch degrees north of the Moon. Mars will glitter at 0.14 and Moon 42 percent in that order. The conjunction will happen at the middle of disk and arch.



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