Kuwait Will Observe Penumbral Lunar Eclipse On September 16
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Astronomy and Space Department of the Scientifi Club announced that Kuwait will observe Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16 at 9:50 pm.

Director of the department Bader Al-Omaira explained that Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur at full moon in the month of Zelhejjah when the moon swiftly passes through the dimmer, fainter outer part of Earth’s shadow. This is the reason for its name Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, he noted.

Al-Omaira pointed to three kinds of Lunar Eclipse; total, partial and penumbral. He explained total Lunar Eclipse catches the attention of people, because it completely covers the moon.

He noted the phenomenon will be sighted in Kuwait and other Arab countries, in addition to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. However, it will not be seen in North America and South America.



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