Kuwait Wins 8 Advanced Places In The Smart Brain Int’l Competition
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MoE Lauds Students’ Achievement

Students of Kuwait’s Sabah Al-Ahmad Giftedness and Creativity Center won eight advanced places in the Smart Brain international mathematics competition held in Thailand on Monday, with the participation of 3,500 students.

The center’s students were able to execute different math equations including division, multiplication, substraction and addition with big numbers, faster than a calculator, head of the center’s delegation Tariq Al- Sharrah told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The group challenge in the event consists of 40 groups, each of four students, said Al- Sharrah, noting that the center’s students had achieved the fourth place in this category, while also sealing the first place of the younger participants’ category. As for the individual’s competition (level 2), the official said that student Ibrahim Al- Khashti had sealed the first place, while the second place was achieved by Yara Al-Sayegh.

Meanwhile, he added that student Al-Alia Khalifa Al-Sabah achieved the second place in level 3, the third place was sealed by Monia Al-Awadhi and the fourth by Dania Al-Dhafeeri. Al-Sharrah also noted that the center’s instructor Baher Al-Zaabi was chosen as the best teacher in the event. Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr. Haitham Al-Athari lauded, on Monday, the victory accomplished by Kuwaiti students who participated in a Smart Brain international mathematics competition held in Thailand. Dr. Al-Athari told KUNA that Kuwait is proud to have this achievement under its wing among many other accomplishments carried out by other Kuwaiti people in international venues.

Smart Brain is part of the global Smart Brain Franchise, which spans over 20 countries and teaches over 275,000 children every year. It seeks to bring the internationally renowned Abacus Mental Arithmetic and Whole Brain Development Program to every child, thereby instilling a powerful learning tool that will aid the child in overall learning abilities such as reading comprehension, math, memory recall and concentration.

Source : Arab Times

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