Kuwaiti Govt Sets KD320 Million Budget For Hospital Bills Of Nationals Abroad
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As part of Kuwait’s overseas treatment program, its government has approved a budget of more than $1 billion (KD320 million) for hospitals bills of nationals receiving treatment abroad. This comes as the government is struggling with $500 million (KD150 million) worth of delayed payments to European and American hospitals abroad where Kuwaitis are being treated.

The unpaid dues may be the work of 11 independent financial controllers that the government is currently investigating for irregularities in documents of overseas treatments. The finance ministry said the irregularities may have been caused by mismanagement by the health ministry.

However, the health ministry said all funds were spent following approvals from the financial controllers. The overseas hospitals are likely to resort to legal action if the dues are not paid by Kuwait. From January to August this year, almost $1 billion (KD 300 million) has been spent on overseas treatments of Kuwaitis, despite the government having approved only $500 million (KD 150 million) for the year as part of its budget deficit.



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