Last Moments Of Skydiving Plane Crash Recorded
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Miracles still happen and here is one of it. A skydiving Cessna plane crash landed in Lodi vineyard and all 16 divers and pilot still got out unhurt. One of the skydivers, Sebastian Alvarez could not believe what happened as he repeatedly watched and uploaded the video recorded the crash landing from the cockpit. 

The plane just flied two minutes and above 1000 feet when an engine trouble was found and dived into the vineyard. Alvarez is a trained pilot and professional skydiver. He realized that nothing serious happened when plane crashed and alarmed fellow divers inside that fire has not caught up, so that they can take time to come out of crashed plane. 

When asked about how he was feeling after getting out alive from a Cessna plane crash, Alvarez is happy indeed and he went up again to skydive from a different location, the same weekend. Not just him, some other divers too went up again after the crash landing on Thursday. The national traffic safety board and Federal Aviation administration are investigating the reasons behind the crash. 


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