Lawmakers Condemned Transfer Of Kuwaiti Pilots To Government Sector
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Several lawmakers condemned the transfer of some Kuwaiti pilots from Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) to work in the government sector, to the extent that some of the lawmakers sent parliamentary questions in this regard to the Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Essa Al-Kandari.

MP Mohammad Tana raised the first question, asking whether KAC has already transferred those 36 pilots to the government sector where their services are needed. He asked, “If yes, why were they purged? What is the basis for deciding the right place for the pilots between the government sector and KAC, knowing well that the privatization law will be implemented after five years when the strategic partner will be involved?” Tana also asked if KAC signed contracts with expatriate pilots. If yes, he demanded for a list of the names and nationalities of those expatriate pilots.



08 Oct, 2016 0 1214
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