Lawmakers Fined Hundreds Of Dinars For Traffic Violations
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General Traffic Department recorded hundreds of dinars worth of fines for traffic violations against a number of lawmakers, saying the lawmakers in question have received notifications from the Secretariat General of the National Assembly and the value of fines deducted from their monthly allowances. A source said the violations were of minor and major categories, which included crossing the red signal, excessive speeding and parking in ‘no parking zones’.

He cited a car belonging to a lawmaker was registered for traffic violations worth over KD 800 while many others did not go beyond KD 50, indicating only few of them were free of violations. He observed that most of the cars were driven by secretaries or office managers of the lawmakers, while many others were driving by themselves. He hinted the lawmakers have warned their aides to respect codes while driving. The lawmakers are urged to be more law abiding than others.



03 Jun, 2016 0 641
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