Man Beats Roommate For Switching On Light
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A carpenter was sentenced to three months in jail for beating up his colleague, who switched on the light after returning from work, for disturbing his sleep. In May, the 33-year-old Thai carpenter, K.B., was asleep when his 47-year-old countryman returned to home from work and switched on the light at 10pm.

Records said K.B., who slept after consuming alcohol, woke up annoyed and punched his roommate and beat him on his head. The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted K.B. of getting drunk and assaulting the victim and causing him a permanent disability on his face. The accused will be deported after his jail term.

“I did not beat him and I was not responsible for his permanent disability … he attacked me first and I defended myself,” argued the defendant. However, he confessed to consuming liquor.

According to the charges, prosecutors said the carpenter beat his countryman and caused him 6 per cent permanent disability without intending to do so. Dubai Police’s forensic examiner confirmed that the victim sustained a permanent disability on his face.

The victim told prosecutors that the incident happened when he returned home from work on a Thursday night.

“Once I entered the room, I switched on the light … K.B. was sleeping in his bed. Suddenly the defendant woke up. Then he assaulted me … he hit me on my head and punched me in the face. Thereafter the residence’s supervisor came to the room and he reported what had happened to the police. My friends at the residence rushed me to the hospital,” he claimed.

The accused was cited as admitting to prosecutors that he beat his roommate. The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 13 days.



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