Man Caught Trying To Smuggle 22 Year Old Woman In His Suitcase
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A Georgian couple took the phrase ‘pack me in your suitcase’ a little too literally after they were caught trying to cross the border into Turkey on Monday. Problem is, one of them was curled and packed into a tiny suitcase. 

Customs officials at the Sarp border in the city of Artvin, one of three official border crossings between the two countries, spotted a 25-year-old man acting suspiciously and decided to investigate.

What they found when inspecting his luggage was a 22-year-old woman packed inside.

It is believed she went to such lengths because a previous conviction in Turkey meant she was banned from travelling there.

The couple were detained for attempting to illegally cross the border and were deported soon afterwards.

15 May, 2016 0 3710
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Kuwait Local News
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