Maternity Leave For Pregnant Woman
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I am working in a private clinic as a Staff Nurse. Regarding maternity leave our new supervisor says… only for the first pregnancy and delivery is the 68 days maternity leave applicable. For the second pregnancy and delivery only 30 days of maternity leave can be given as per the ministry rule. And he allows us to take only 30 days maternity leave after the second delivery. I think this is not correct.

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Answer: The company is lying because the Kuwait Labor Law does not differentiate first, second or third pregnancies. Article 24 of the Kuwait Labor Law clearly states that “A pregnant woman shall be entitled to a paid maternity leave of 70 days not included in other leaves, provided she gives birth within this period”.

This means you can get your annual leave also even after availing the maternity leave in a particular year.

Well, according to the law, you can have as many children as you want and for each pregnancies you are entitled to 70 days paid leave.



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