Ministry Of Interior Will Start CCTV Installation By Early 2016
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The Ministry of Interior has started preparations for the installation of CCTV cameras and establishment of a central control room, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources.Sources disclosed the project will be implemented in two phases — the first will be for vital structures like petroleum facilities, State institutions and banks; while the second will be for residential areas, public utilities and roads.Sources said the ministry will oblige the landlords and owners of real estate properties to link CCTVs with the Operations Room while ensuring that the privacy of citizens and expatriates is respected.

Sources affirmed the CCTVs will be installed in public utilities without any constraint on personal freedoms. Sources added the project will be implemented by the beginning of next year, disclosing the ministry will install high-quality CCTVs on par with international standards.

In other news, the Hajj Affairs Office at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs recently organized a workshop on how to use Saudi Arabia’s electronic Hajj tracking system, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources.

Revealing the workshop was held in the Grand Mosque with Support Services Team Leader in the Kuwaiti Hajj Mission Sitam Al-Mizyan in attendance, sources explained the workshop was aimed at raising awareness on the electronic Hajj tracking system among those working in Kuwaiti caravans.

A total of 50 administrators attended the workshop which included a detailed presentation on the lists, services and information regarding the electronic tracking system that is connected to the Kuwaiti pilgrims. An electronic reader will be used for the foreigners while pilgrims can access all information related to the caravans; such as accommodation, transportation or rations, through the system.



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