Ministry Proposes To Increase Driving License Fee To 100 KD
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Ministry of Interior submitted a proposal to increase the fees collected from expats to issue a driver’s license to KD 100. The fee for renewing vehicle registration is increased from KD 5 to KD 20 in the ministry proposal, in addition to a onetime KD 10 fee on registering the first vehicle, KD 50 on registering a second and KD 100 on registering a third owned by the same expat, local Arabic daily Al-Rai reported.

Furthermore, Muhanna said that the proposal includes imposing ‘ascending fees’ on expats’ vehicles that gradually increase by the double the older a vehicle was. “This measure is meant to reduce the use of worn out vehicles and limiting vehicle ownership to expats’ who can afford new ones,” he underlined, explaining that according to current fees, some expats could purchase a worn out vehicle for a low as KD 150.

The proposal also suggests doubling the fines collected for major violations such as speeding and driving through red lights from KD 50 to KD 100. KD 30 fines will be doubled to KD 60 and KD 5 fines will be made KD 15.

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