Ministry Warns Parents As DAESH Targeting Young Men
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The Interior Ministry has warned parents and urged them to keep track of their children because e-mails sent from unknown sources are known to incite young people to join the terrorist organization DAESH. The need for the parents to follow-up and monitor the e-mail messages sent to their children, particularly teenagers.

The sources revealed the organization takes advantage of cyberspace to inject venom and destructive ideas through pictures, publications and videos to incite and encourage the young to carry out the orders of their ‘masters’ in the name of religion.

The source explained following the crack down on the members of the organization they have now turned to the social media outlets to lure the young. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti security authorities are waiting for a detailed report of interrogations conducted by Saudi Arabia with members of a terrorist organization who were arrested one day ago.

These terrorists are linked to DAESH and were planning to carry out acts of violence. This is not an unusual procedure since the security authorities all GCC countries share the related information.



23 Sep, 2016 0 1449
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