Ministry Warns Voters Not To Take Ballots Photos After Casting Their Votes
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The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Saturday warned voters not to take photos of the ballots after casting their votes, saying this is prohibited by the election law. According to the law, a violator can spend five years behind bars, and pay a fine of KD 5,000, the ministry's statement added.

Article 44 of Kuwait's Election Law provides for punishing violators in the case of using force or threatening to prevent voters from practicing their rights, or to vote for certain candidates, or refraining from balloting.

The same article provides for a penalty in case of vote buying, promoting false news about a candidate's behavior among voters, or going to the polling station with a device with the intention of taking photos of ballots to prove one has voted for a certain nominee.

Also, one will be punished if he goes to the polling centers carrying a fire arm, according to Article 30 of the law.



26 Nov, 2016 0 661
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