More Women In GCC Countries Considered Obese, According To The WHO Report
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According to the World Health Statistics 2015 report. more Women are obese than men

The report says that 49.7 percent of women in Qatar over the age of 18 are clinically obese, as the region fares poorly in general when it comes to obesity among women. In most GCC countries are classed as overweight Statistics across the region show a high percentage of obesity amongst women: Kuwait 45.9 percent, UAE 45.1 percent, Saudi Arabia 44.1 percent, Bahrain 42.8 percent and Oman 37 percent.

Men in the region fare much better, with Oman again the lowest at 27.2 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia 29.9 percent, Bahrain 30.5 percent, UAE 33.8 percent, Kuwait 35.5 percent and Qatar 40 percent.

Obesity is measured by body mass index (BMI), and anyone with a BMI of over 30 is considered to be obese.\


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