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I am an Indian married to a Portuguese citizen (European national). I am pregnant and due in October this year.

My husband is a businessman and keeps visiting me in Kuwait time after time, he takes visa on arrival since he has no Kuwait residency.

My question is that when my child is born can I sponsor the residency for my child? I have my husband’s name added to my passport and we both have legal marriage documents.

My husband can give an NOC to the Kuwait ministry requesting them to allow me to sponsor the visa for our child.

I am currently earning a KD 400 + salary and have Article 18 visa. What is the correct procedure? I really need big help to get this information.

Name withheld

Answer: According to the Kuwait Law only the father of child can sponsor the baby of the dependent except in some very rare cases in which permission / waiver is obtained from the Director General of Immigration himself and no one else.

So, we don’t think you will be able to sponsor the child unless you obtain that waiver. Please also remember that unless you get this waiver/permission to sponsor the baby, you will have to take the child out of the country (with the permission of the Immigration Department) within 60 days of its birth or you could run into some serious legal complications.



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