MP Abdulrahman Al Jeeran Drafts Morals Bill To Fight Prostitution
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MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran has presented a bill to amend Article 203 of Law No. 16/1960 promulgating the Penal Code in a bid to impose harsher penalties on anyone who owns or rents a place used for prostitution or immoral activities — maximum 15 years jail sentence and fine of KD 50, 000.

The bill states that a person who establishes or manages a place used for immoral acts or prostitution, or in any way helped create or run the place, shall be imprisoned for not less than three years and not more than 15 years as well as fined not less than KD 10,000 and not more than KD 50,000.

On the other hand, Al-Jeeran also proposed banning local satellite television channels and radio stations from broadcasting their regular programs, music and movies during calls (Adhan) for prayers. His said all media platforms, including satellite television channels and State or private radio stations must stop regular programming during prayer time to pave the way for broadcasting Adhan.

Furthermore, Al-Jeeran submitted another proposal to allow National Assembly election candidates to rent ballrooms in hotels or community halls of the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry which will be used as their electoral headquarters. He explained his proposal is based on Article Eight of the Constitution that stipulates, “The State safeguards the pillars of society and ensures security, tranquility and equal opportunities for citizens.”

He also cited Article 49 stipulating that, “Observance of public order and respect for public morals are duties incumbent upon all inhabitants of Kuwait.” He pointed out the usual practice during elections is that candidates establish their electoral headquarters in residential areas while some put up tents, up to the point where there are more than five electoral headquarters in the same area, thereby, disturbing the residents.

In another development, MP Saleh Ashour stressed that the only way for the National Assembly members to stop the government from increasing gasoline prices and fees for services is to enact a law obliging the executive authority to restore the previous prices. He claimed the government lacks the ability to curb high prices of goods and services provided by the private sector, because it targeted the citizens instead of finding appropriate economic solutions.

Moreover, MP Jamal Al-Omar has called on the government to resign, admit its mistake and apologize to the public for taking unstudied decisions. He expressed displeasure over the performance of the government, urging the ministers to understand what the MPs are trying to convey through the interpellation motions that they intend to submit in the next legislative round.

He pointed out the objection of eight MPs to the contents of the financial and economic reform documents in the last session confirms what they have warned about earlier — that the reform documents have deviated from the right path. In the meantime, MP Ahmad Al- Qudaibi has started collecting signatures of his colleagues to request for an emergency session, according to Article 64 of the Parliament’s bylaw, to discuss the ramifications of the government’s decision to raise gasoline prices.

In a press statement, Al-Qudaibi revealed MPs Aoda Al-Ruwaei, Mohammed Al-Tana, Faisal Al-Duwaisan, Saud Al-Hareeji, Kamel Al-Awadhi and Mohammed Al-Jabri have signed the request. He stressed the need for the government to explain its decision as it failed to take into consideration the welfare of citizens. “We will submit the request to the Speaker once it is ready. In case we fail to collect the required number of signatures, we have done our part and the Parliament has the final say in this regard,” he added while voicing optimism that the session will push through.



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