Municipality Workers Removed Abandoned Vehicles Including Boats And Jet Skis
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The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality collaborated with the Public Hygiene and Road Usage Department of the Capital Municipality to organize a cleaning campaign at Bneid Al-Gar and Jaber Al-Ahmad areas, which led to removal of 54 abandoned vehicles and 2 mobile grocery shops.

Director of Public Hygiene and Road Usage at Capital Municipality Meshal Al-Azmi disclosed that the campaign was organized to activate the public hygiene regulation and ministerial decision No. 190/2008 concerning removal of encroachments on roads, parks and fields. He said the campaign started around 6 am and continued until 12 noon covering several locations within Bneid Al-Gar and Jaber Al-Ahmad areas, affirming that the campaign against illegal advertisements, absence of health licenses and spoiled food items will continue in full force.



08 Sep, 2016 0 1074
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