No Hike In Water And Electricity Tariff
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Legal and economic committees in charge of studying the articles of law related to the establishment of Public Authority for Electricity and Water and the financial feasibility completed their assignment recently, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting ministry sources.

The same sources explained that government will soon refer the law to the National Assembly and table it for discussion in the next parliamentary term since the current parliamentary term is short. They noted the law improves the level of services and prevents bureaucracy, and also ensures constant development of electricity and water services. They affirmed that prices of electricity and water will not be increased due to the new law, noting prices will remain as recently endorsed by the National Assembly.

A parliamentary source stated that members of the parliament will block any attempt to increase water and electricity tariff if the sector is finally managed by the about-to-be established authority. The source indicated the current law dictates that new tariff cannot be initiated without it first going through the parliament, indicating the MPs are fully awake and wellinformed on the issue. That’s why they won’t accept any increase in water and electricity charges.



11 Jun, 2016 0 993
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