Officers Foiled An Attempt By 4 Kuwaitis To Help A Compatriot Leave The Country Illegally
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Officers at the Salmi border post recently foiled an attempt by four Kuwaitis to help a compatriot leave the country illegally. The man is wanted by law and there is a travel ban on him. He was found hiding under the back seat of a SUV, a blanket covering him. One of the four men was earlier charged with the same offence and he was caught at the same border post. The 5 men have been referred to the concerned authorities. In another similar, but unrelated incident a Kuwaiti attempted to leave the country illegally via the Salmi border post by using the Civil ID of his twin brother The arrest came because his brother is also wanted by law and has a travel ban. The officers at the post have also seized a bedoun who attempted to cross the border illegally. He said he was going to perform Umra.



14 Jul, 2016 0 2435
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