One Night Security Campaign - Jleeb Cleaned
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 1,700 security operatives, 150 patrol teams and helicopters stormed Al-Jleeb Shuyoukh in a commando movie style for a campaign leading to arrest of 3,338 law violators and people wanted for various offenses. The operation was in line with directives from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah.

What they achieved during this security raid

1. 1248 people without valid ids

2. 305 residency Violators

3. 135 wanted financial debtors

4. 63 arrested on order

5. 123 Prostitutes

7. 16 arrested for drug offenses

8. 480 with expired residency

9. 23 wanted on felony and misdemeanor cases

10. 472 over detained affairs and deportation

11. 163 labor law violators

12. 5 local liquor factories busted

13. 38 shops were sealed for operating without commercial license

Jleeb Al Shuyoukh has become symbol of crime den, where we can find most of law violators, Unlicensed Stores, Liquor Plants, Absconders, Prostitutes, Residency Violators, Residency Traders and what not.

One night of security campaign by ministry of interior led to clean of one whole area, but it needs a lot of efforts, support, cooperation, planning and strategy.  it’s a great achievement by Ministry of interior, hope moi will make such security campaigns in all suspected areas.

Source – Arab Times , Kuwait Times, Al Qabas


29 Dec, 2015 0 9859
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