Panhandling Must Be Banned
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It is imperative to discourage panhandling on the streets of Kuwait, a contemptible social phenomenon that seems to appear widely during the month of Ramadan, said on Friday President of the Kuwaiti Society for the Ideal Family Sheikha Fariha Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Noting the ubiquity of panhandling all across the world, she said in a press statement that panhandlers in Kuwait resort to unsavory behavior to bully the public into giving them money.

Usually, she indicated, they hang around high pedestrian traffic locations such as market places, malls, hospitals, mosques, by traffic stops, and near homes in affluent neighborhoods.

Many are women who try to draw sympathy from generous givers.

Most of these panhandlers are in it for the money and nothing else and quite a few of them earn substantial amounts by the end of the day,

she said, noting that in Kuwait charities abound and are forthcoming in helping any indigent person and there is absolutely no need for anyone to go around panhandling.

She urged residents of Kuwait to fight this phenomenon which is usually resorted to by some conniving expatriates during Ramadan and other religious occasions. 

25 Jun, 2016 0 1560
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