Police Seized Deadly Drugs
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Personnel from the General Department for Drugs Control have referred three expatriates — two Arabs and an Asian — to the Public Prosecution for trafficking in drugs. The Asian was caught in possession of the latest and deadly drug called ‘yaba’ in the local market and the Arabs were found in possession of 60 grams of shabu.

The Arabs were caught after police were tipped off about their activity. Police have confiscated quantities of shabu from the homes of both men. The source added the Asian was caught after the police set a trap for him and caught him red-handed while selling 6 grams of yaba to a police agent for KD 90. Police then raided the man’s home at an unidentified location and seized 250 grams of meth. ‘Yaba’ is known in Asia as the ‘madness drug’ and in the West as ‘Nazi speed’, a highly addictive mix of methamphetamine and caffeine first developed by Hitler’s scientists to keep soldiers fighting for days.



29 Jun, 2016 0 911
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