Previous Company Involved In Visa Trading - Having Problem To Transfer
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I am a Filipino who has been working in Kuwait for almost 10 years. Currently I am facing a difficulty in transferring my iqama to another company as my previous sponsor is involved in a visa trading. The Labor Office has blacklisted him and he is now an outlaw and nowhere to be found.

I filed a case in shoun (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor) in order to get a release. During the entire process in shoun my sponsor didn’t show up even once due to the fact that he has a case in MOI for being involved in visa trading.

In short, the shoun refused to grant my request. I have appealed against the case in the main shoun office and am waiting for the decision. Please advise on what should be my next step in case I lose again.

Name withheld 

Answer: The only thing that you can do, if your appeal is again rejected, is take the case to court. There is no other way out of this situation unless the government declares an amnesty period –of which there is no news so far – in which people are allowed to correct their status.



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