Refinancig Loans In Kuwait
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Following recent decisions of the Central Bank of Kuwait on refinancing loans – a link to the announcement can be found here, and you can view the latest CBK regulations here.

What is Refinancing Loans or Renewal of Loans-

For Example 

If your Salary is 1000 KWD so your are elgible for 15 times of your salary that is 15000 KWD

So if you took a loan of 15000 KWD

and if you paid for two years and cleared an amount of 5500 KWD then your loan balance amount is 9500 KWD


Again if you are in need of money you can apply for new loan

As you are elgible amount is 15000 KWD  , You can apply for refinancing loan  then bank will cut the balance amount 9500 KWD and will give you 5500 KWD




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