Rio 2016 Gold Medallists And Their National Rewards
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Athletes who have made sports their life and won medals for their representative country are often rewarded with money, apartments and even retirement plans. Some countries like South Korea, India and Azerbaijan also reward coaches for training these star athletes. Here are how some of the countries pay their athletes.

US $500,000 or more:


Gold - US $952,000 


Gold - US $745,264

US $100,000 to US$500,000:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Philippines, and Brazil are reported to be paying more than US $250,000 to their gold medal winners according to a CNN report. Some countries like Romania and Malaysia also offer retirement plans or monthly income for life rewards for medal winners. In some countries, individual or business sponsors also announce rewards for Olympic medallists.

Less than US $100,000:

United States

Gold – US $25,000 

According to reports, silver medallists get US $15,000  and bronze medallists get US $10,000 from the USOC


Gold -  US $36,000 


Olympic medallists from Great Britain get no monetary rewards from the British government or sports authorities.

Other rewards:

Apartments: Countries such as Kazakhstan as well as Trinidad and Tobago reward their athletes with apartments. Kazakhstan gold, silver and bronze medallists will get three-bedroom, two-bedroom apartment and one-bedroom apartments. The report also lists Ukraine, China and Trinidad and Tobago who gifted their star athletes with apartments as part of the reward.

Military compensation: South Korean athletes who won medals are eligible for basic two-month military training as opposed to a two-year mandatory military term.

Sausages for life: In 2008, a Belarusian sausage company offered gold medallists from their country a lifetime supply of sausages for free! 

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