Road Tolls, Taxes, Paid Parking Etc To Be Introduced By Government To Generate Revenue
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Kuwait cabinet in its recent meeting discussed about various source of revenues for the government which includes introduction of tolls on some major roads, imposing value added tax (VAT) on selected products, increasing various service fees etc, local daily reported.

According to news published by various local dailies, some of the steps discussed include the introduction of tolls on some major roads similar to that of Dubai and other cities in the world. The revenues collected from toll stations will be used in the maintenance of roads and construction of new ones to expand the road network in the country, reports added.

According to reports, the government might also impose taxes on all companies, which will greatly contribute to bearing the cost of subsidized commodities and services like water, electricity and infrastructure, as well as the services offered to expatriates. The plan also includes the introduction of a value-added tax (VAT) on luxury items that will help limit the propagation of an extravagant lifestyle with a negative impact on families and a high risk of crippling debts.

Reports also surfaced recently that the government was planning on installing paid, privatized parking meters around Kuwait, which will generate income for the government.

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31 Aug, 2015 0 1043
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