Saudi Divorces Wife Over Hidden Phone
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Saudi online users have criticised a countryman after he divorced his wife for getting a mobile phone without his knowledge. The husband became aware of the phone as he and his wife were entering a hotel in Jazan, a city in the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

The metal detector gate beeped as the wife passed through it, prompting the security agents to request her to remove all metal objects and mobiles, sources told Saudi news site Al Marsad. "The wife, under pressure, took out the mobile and upon seeing it, the husband became very upset and called his wife outside the hotel to the parking lot," the sources said.

"They got into an argument and the husband accused her of hiding the mobile from him to use in matters she did not want him to know about. He decided to divorce her before he had left the hotel parking area." Online users accused the husband of ending his marriage over a trivial issue that should have been settled peacefully and rationally.

"He is a retard and he does not know how to behave with people," Abu Fahad said. "Today, everybody has a mobile, even children at the age of five. He has no right to deny her a personal mobile. He is unfortunately blinded by his excessive jealousy."

Another user said most of the husbands who had issues with their wives would flirt extensively and developed deep suspicions about women in general.

"They seem to be unable to disassociate their wives from the girls they knew before their marriage," the user said. "This overgeneralisation tendency makes them believe that their wives might have past friends or lovers and want to remain connected with them."

However, Bu Nawas, another online user, said that several women were "exceptionally good at messing up their lives." "A woman absolutely loses her happiness if she does not consider her husband her best friend," he said.

"I cannot blame the husband for getting upset over the situation because his wife was obviously withholding details in her life and concealing the mobile. The husband simply became suspicious because she was not open and honest with him."



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