Saudi Husband Divorces His Wife Over Costly Weight Loss Operation
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An obese Saudi teacher who went under the knife to lose weight and shape up for the sake of her husband ended up divorced. The couple lived in the Saudi capital Riyadh and the husband often complained his wife was overweight and wished she were slimmer.

When he was transferred to Najran in the southwestern part of the kingdom, the wife seized the occasion, consulted a specialised medical facility and went under the knife.

Upon his return from Najran, the husband was pleased with his wife’s new appearance and shape.

However, his pleasure soon turned into disappointment when he learnt that she spent 80,000 riyals (Dh78,345) for the work on her body, Saudi news site Sada reported. 

He said he was upset because he had wanted to use the savings to buy a new home in an area west of Riyadh.

The husband in fact felt so depressed that he preferred not to look at his wife and started to sleep alone, the site added. He eventually made the decision to divorce her.

Most online users were highly critical of the husband, arguing that he had no right to end a marriage in which his wife was trying to please him. They said that the money, even if it was badly needed, could be eventually replaced, but not the compassion of his wife.

Only a few commenters found the wife wrong to undergo the surgery without informing her husband.



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