School Goods Stolen
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Police are looking for unidentified burglars and the Egyptian caretaker of an elementary school in Nahda for stealing 21 PCs, 2 CCTV screens, 1 water cooler, 15 refrigerators, 7 plasma TVs, 10 printers and 4 loudspeakers from the school. A senior official from the Farwaniya Educational Zone has filed a complaint with the area police. In his complaint he has pointed a finger of accusation at the caretaker because without his help the theft could not be possible and because the stolen goods are worth thousands of dinars. It has also been reported after the theft the caretaker has disappeared and his cell phone remains switched off. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints to identify the culprits.



05 Sep, 2016 0 698
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