Sharjah Police Warn Public About Online Scams
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Police warned residents not to respond to messages they receive on social media from people claiming to be one of the prominent figures in the country. The messages, officials emphasised, are created by criminals who use the names of said figures in a bid to swindle funds from victims. 

The scammers urge people for money under the pretence that it would be used to assist the poor.

By using the name of prominent figures, they claim to be unable to access their account, since they are out of the country. The money, the messages claim, will be paid in full upon their return to the country.
Police called on members of the community not to add strangers to their personal accounts on social media.

 “People should not believe everything that people say, especially people they do not know well enough,” police said. 

Sharjah Police said in most instances of fraud, the common practice is to swindle victims through phone calls, email, SMS and social media. Police said that many still fall prey to those criminals despite multiple warnings. 

“The victim sends those fraudsters money, and get nothing in return.

We have had many complaints but the problem with these cases is the money is usually transferred to accounts outside the UAE, and sometimes the person who receives the money is using a fake ID, so it is hard to find those people.”

Another problem is the phone numbers are usually registered under an involved person’s name.

Police can still take action against this person and treat him as an accomplice. Charity donations should be given only through approved authorities, Sharjah police said. Sharjah Police urged community members who receive such messages to contact the police on the toll free number: Najeed 800151 or send SMS to 7999.



26 Feb, 2016 0 1049
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