Shrimp Prices Will Reduce Soon
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Several shrimp sellers and consumers expressed unanimous opinion regarding the expected fall in the shrimp prices soon, as the fishing period is still in its early stage and the supply quantity is far lesser than the market demand. A shrimp seller at the Fish Market Salama Al-Wuhaibi stressed that he has not noticed any effect of the recent campaign on the social media to boycott the market, attributing the ineffective campaign to the low supply in the market.

He said he hopes the shrimp prices will reduce soon, especially since the fishing season will start this month and there will be a huge supply in the market beyond the rate of demand.

Al-Wuhaibi indicated that importers will flood the market with shrimps from Saudi Arabia and Iran within the next few days.

Another shrimp seller Sadiq Abdulkareem said there are indications that the shrimp prices will fall drastically in a matter of days.

He urged consumers to exercise patience for another three to four days only in order to see some changes. He corroborated his colleague concerning the boycott campaign on the social media, affirming that it was ineffective.

According to a consumer Abu Ahmad, the current price of shrimp is astronomical such that a large basket now costs KD 100 and a small basket is sold at KD 38.

He attributed the high cost to the high demand for shrimp and its low supply in the market. Another consumer Abu Khalid expressed displeasure concerning the high cost of shrimp due to its low supply in the market. He said he hopes the price will become stable and affordable soon.



05 Sep, 2016 0 1839
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