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Legal research prepared by Lawyer Hawra Al-Habeeb indicates that there are 300 cases that resulted in the dropping of custody of children from either their mothers or fathers because of social networking websites, which have become a platform of blackmail between couples in the court through the use of pictures and posts to prove bad reputation. According to the research, the number of cases filed in this regard in the year 2015 was more than 2,000.

This statistics was compiled from information provided by several lawyers who represented their clients at the court. The social media is not only the reason behind the destruction of marital houses and one of the reasons for divorces in the recent years but it has also become a tool used by estranged couples in the court of law to demand for the dropping of custody of their children.

Regarding the custody of children, the research explained that in 2015, this issue took third place in the list of the top subjects for family counseling by couples who seek advice. The top two subjects are litigant law and divorce law. Lawyer Al-Habeeb said many mothers, after receiving the custody of their children through the courts, lost the custody because of their online posts. However, not everything that is presented before the court qualifies for dropping custody of the children from one of their parents.



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