Solar Energy To Be Used For Street Lighting
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Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) organized a seminar titled ‘Sun, Wind and Clouds The new age of smart lighting in Kuwait’ in cooperation with Kuwait Electrical Engineers Society on Thursday, April 21.

Executive Director of Energy and Construction Research Center at KISR Dr Salem Al-Hajraf revealed that solar energy will be used for lighting the roadside lampposts in the new cities using wireless technology, which will help save the state the cost of thousands of kilometers of electrical cables and wires.

He explained that the lampposts have rechargeable batteries that will light the bulbs of the lampposts throughout the night time until sunrise after which the bulbs will be turned off and the batteries will be charged during the daytime. Dr Al-Hajraf revealed that using solar energy to light roads will help the country in saving about 10-14 percent of electricity that is currently required for lighting roads.

Regarding when this technology will come into effect, he explained that KISR is responsible for only providing the recommendation and necessary advice in that regard.

The concerned governmental authorities are in charge of implementing the technology and deciding when it will be implemented. However, Dr Al-Hajraf indicated that it is currently difficult to replace all the lampposts of the country with the smart lampposts, revealing that only the new cities will have such lampposts for now.



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Kuwait Local News
Kuwait Local News
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