Surprise Inspection Campaign In Industries In Sabhan
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The Environment Police Department, in coordination with the Environment Public Authority (EPA), conducted a surprise inspection campaign in industries in Sabhan to uncover violations of regulations on gas emissions, pollutants or radiation as per Environmental Protection Law No. 22/2014 and its amendment No. 99/2015.

Several violations committed by petrochemical, timber and fiber industries were recorded during the campaign and all these were referred to the Public Prosecution. The erring industries were found to have violated articles 18 and 19 of the new law on protecting the environment.

Article 18 stipulates engineering and environmental regulations while Article 19 is about the safety of workers who should not be exposed to harmful substances due to emissions of leakage of pollutants.

This article states, “Every installation should take the necessary precautionary measures in order not to exceed the allowed limit of exposure to chemical materials, noise, vibration, heat, humidity, light, ultrasonic waves, non-active radiations and to abide by other regulations specified in the executive regulations set for this law”.

The department affirmed it will continue its inspection campaigns in every part of the country to ensure that the new environmental law is enforced properly, whether in the sea, desert or air, warning that the necessary legal measures will be taken against anyone proven to have violated the abovementioned regulations.




24 Mar, 2016 0 659
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