The Series Of Miseries Doesn't End For Rajesh Krishnan
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Rajesh Krishan of Kerala, India, came to Kuwait on Khadim visa and later he brought his wife also on another Khadim visa. Two years ago, a fire mishap occurred in his single room accommodation and he lost his wife. At that time KALA Kuwait had rendered all the needed assistance to send her body to India.

Though Rajesh had minor heart problem in India, he came to Kuwait to earn his livelihood as the medical issue was not a major one to affect his work and normal life, as opined by the doctors. For around six years he led a normal life in Kuwait. But the death of his wife affected him both physically and mentally.

His heart problem gradually aggravated. Though Rajesh complained to his sponsor of severe chest pain and requested medical treatment, his sponsor did not listen to that and even beat him, as Rajesh said. So he demanded his sponsor to cancel his residence and send him back to India.

After cancellation of the residence, his heart problem became very critical, he was admitted in Adaan hospital and an emergency surgery was done to save his life. Due to serious infection he had stay in the hospital for a long period and by this time his Exit Pass also expired.

Rajesh Krishnan is a native of Nedumamgad, Trivandrum , Kerala. He has no children and family. To send him back to India and to continue his treatment financial help is needed. Indian Embassy and KALA Kuwati activists are taking steps to send Rajesh back to India.

The compassionate individuals who are ready to help Rajesh and bring him back to life may contact the following KALA activists:
Thomas Mathew Kadavil (Phone: 97522614), Shyju T.K (60315101) Gijo Dominic (97264683) or Ramesh Kannapuram (60388988).



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