This Man Traveled Around The World To Create A Unique Proposal For His Filipina Girlfriend!
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It is really part of every girl's dream to find "Mr. Right". Women also have a dream that someday, they will be travelling the whole world with their Mr. Right, and you're one hell of a lucky girl when you're given a chance to travel the whole world with your Mr. Right.
Meet Tomey Algrably, he has a Filipina girlfriend named April. They've been together for four years and had already travelled and explored various countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Israel, and of course, April's homeland, the Philippines. 
At this point, Tomey claims that he already wanted to settle down for good and he is very much sure that April is really the one for him, that's why he wanted to propose to her in the most unique way.
He made a movie trailer called "Where's the ring?". He collected all the videos that they took from different countries. 
And on their trip in Krabi, he left April in their room and let her watch a "movie trailer". 
He then entered the room and formally asked April the magical question which she responded with a big yes! 
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