Thousands To Return Tamil Nadu As Kuwait Grants Amnesty
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Kuwait has granted partial amnesty to 28,000 Indians -a large chunk of which comprises people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala -who fell afoul of visa and passport rules in he Gulf emirate.
Kuwait's ministry of interior on Sunday said it would grant all illegal residents partial amnesty so hey could return to their home nations. Residency violators can pay fines and legalise their status or leave he country without officials blacklisting them.

This means that Kuwait will allow them to return to he emirate with new visas n the future. Unlike in previous years, however, it will not rescind the fines of residency violators, who will have to pay them to make use of the amnesty , Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain told TOI over telephone on Monday.

"We are ready to help our nationals by granting them emergency certificates. These are one-way travel document to travel to India in the absence of a passport," Jain said. "The amnesty will help them return home or correct their status. We'll see how many Indians will make use of the amnesty ."

He said the mission is in the process of acquiring details from the Kuwait government about the the conditions of the partial amnesty .

Kuwaiti director of public relations and security media department Brig Adel Al-Hashash said all residency affairs departments across the emirate are ready to rectify the legal status of violators, collect fines from them and make arrangements for them to leave Kuwait. 

Officials in Kuwait have asked all expatriates to carry their legal documents with them at all times and directed their local sponsors to renew their visas before they expire.

Kuwait has estimated that there are 28,000 Indians nationals in the emirate with no passport or legal travel documents. Most of these Indians are blue collar workers who have left their original sponsors and found work with other establishments. A large number of them are construction workers, maids, delivery boys, cleaners and fishermen. 

Source - TOI

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