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I am an Australian and arrived in Kuwait on 06/01/2015 on a factory visa and my job title on the work permit is “Book Keeper”.

I want to transfer my visa to a different company which is not a factory but is owned by the same owner for whom I currently work (factory).

I have been informed that the visa could not be transferred as its not allowed from a factory to a company by our company Mandoub (company representative) and have been advised to wait until the window for a such a transfer opens and have been told that it opens for few days every year.

My question is if what has been advised to me by our company mandoub is correct or not? If correct, what options do I have to change my visa from factory to company

Name withheld

Answer: What your Mandoub (company representative) says is true … well, to a point. He is right when he says that such transfers are not allowed these days by the Public Authority for Manpower.

He is, however, wrong when he says that such “windows” for transfers are opened every year. Well, such steps are taken regularly but not every year.

Such steps are taken by the government so that people can regularize their residence status plus lifting of restrictions on transfer of the residence to various sectors.

You never know when they government might announce such an amnesty — as it is called — so you will just have to wait.



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