Trio Barred From Entering US
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Three Kuwaiti nationals were denied entry to the United States of America. They trio were interrogated for 21 hours at the Los Angeles Airport before they were deported from the country. The US authorities revoked their visa without specifying any reason.

Faisal Bahman and Nasser Al-Nasser, who work in trade sector, and Mohammed Eshkanani, a student at the Australian College, secured an entry visa from the US Embassy in Kuwait. They then travelled to Los Angeles on an 18-hour trip which included a two-hour transit stop at Dubai International Airport.

However, the security authorities at Los Angeles International Airport grilled them for more than 21 hours before deporting them to Kuwait without disclosing reasons. In a conversation with Arabic newspaper Alrai, they denied online rumors that they were deported after US security authorities had found photos of terror groups in their mobile phones.



26 Jul, 2016 1 3140
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