Two Iranians Escaped From Al-Zahra Police Station
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The security authorities have completed interrogations with the two Iranians who had escaped from the Al-Zahra Police Station but were rearrested a few hours later. The fleeing Iranians told interrogators they continued walking in Al-Rai and none of the police patrols or securitymen stopped them on suspicion because the area is full of Iranians. They also told the interrogators they were planning to escape to Iran by sea.

The suspects explained in detail how they managed to escape by saying one of them who is a blacksmith found a defect in the window of the cell and was able to remove it without making any sound. They denied receiving help from any source – either securitymen or civilians.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Suleiman Al-Fahd honored in his office two police officers and a sergeant major who arrested the Iranians and the citizen who informed the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry. According to a security source one of the Iranians is a blacksmith and was hired by the General Department for Drugs Control to open containers. Earlier it was reported the men were arrested for consuming drugs and robbing expatriates.



29 Mar, 2016 0 684
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