US Treasury Department Praised Kuwait For Terror Fight
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The US Treasury Department has praised the efforts that have been exerted by Kuwait in its fight against terrorism, reports Al-Anba daily quoting highlevel security sources. This has not come from a vacuum but as a result of ample information provided by Kuwait to many European, Arab and Gulf countries on sleeper cells and their likely schemes.

A senior Kuwaiti security official was quoted as saying: “I do not exaggerate in saying that we have submitted very significant information about cells that planned to carry out acts of ‘violence’ and this information has contributed, to our knowledge, to prevent them from doing that.” The source revealed the Interior Ministry followed terrorist acts committed in European countries and discovered from their investigation that some of the suspects in those attacks have relationships with people in Kuwait.

The source went on to say: “To be more precise, after the shocking terrorist incident in a European country that claimed the lives of many innocent people, we caught two stateless people who have somehow contacts (the source declined to determine anything further) with the perpetrators of the terrorist attack and planners.”

In response to a question about a grip on terrorism domestically, the source said: “I can say for sure that things in Kuwait are under control, where the Preventive Security Authority is playing a powerful role in the arrest of people with extremist attitudes or ideas or suspicious relationships and they are being interrogated, add to that their devices and their contacts which are being examined.”

The source stressed strict measures have been taken by the authorities and the State Security is put on a state of full alert. The source continued: “The operation of bombing the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque was planned from outside Kuwait and there was security loophole in one of the border ports, and that is the main concern for the Interior Ministry at the moment.”



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