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The Board of Directors of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has obliged all employees in government bodies and institutions to use the fingerprint system as the only proof of attendance (punch in and punch out) during official working hours, and ordered cancellation of other attendance recording methods.

This came after Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and acting Minister of Oil Anas Al-Saleh, who is also the acting board chairman of the commission, issued a decision to amend Article 10 of CSC board resolution number 41/2006 obliging government employees to use the fingerprint attendance system or any other method deemed suitable by the administration in case fingerprint is impractical, whether by using magnetic cards, bundy clock, list of attendance or other ways of recording attendance.

The new decision stipulates that all employees in government bodies and institutions should use only the fingerprint attendance system, however, there are exemptions like some directors, department supervisors, employees who have been working for more than 25 years, and those with severe disabilities but they should present proof from the relevant handicapped affairs authority.

By way of clarification, the decision states those exempted from the amendment do not violate Article Six of the same law, which indicates that being exempted from the fingerprint system does not mean failure to maintain attendance as specified by the law or failure to perform duties accurately and sincerely.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Works has decided to write an official letter to the Civil Service Commission intimating the commission that about 2,000 employees in the ministry have not complied with the fingerprint attendance system for two years.

source said the concerned employees were indebted to some government and private agencies by an average of KD 8,000 to KD 11,000 per person adding up to KD 18 million. He noted the ministry will take administrative procedures in line with Civil Service Commission’s regulations and laws.

He also said that senior officials deliberately stopped paying salaries to truant employees, especially as agencies the employees in question owe have been disturbing the ministry.



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