We Are All Targets Of Terrorism, TheKuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al Jarallah Has Warned
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'We're all targets of terrorism,' Kuwaiti minister warns, The attacks in Paris that killed 129 people on Friday proved that terrorism was a global problem faced by everyone, Al Jarallah said on Monday.

“[The] Paris terror attacks vindicated our conviction that all of us are targeted and that terrorism is a global phenomenon,” he was quoted as saying on the sidelines of a celebration of Palestine’s 27th Declaration of Independence. “The world is in an open war with terrorism and that war will not stop till defeating it.” 

Kuwait has expressed condolences over the Paris tragedy. “Such attacks will only increase French people’s resolute and determination on combating terrorism,” Jarallah said. Kuwait has suffered its own terrorist attacks this year.

On June 26, 27 people died in a suicide bombing on a Shia Mosque. The attack came on the same day as similar bombings in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Kuwait has detained 26 people, believed to be ISIL militants, suspected of involvement in the attack.



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