Woman Allegedly Raped In Infsosys Campus India
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The rape and crimes against women are increasing in India. There is no safety for women working in night shifts, in any field and any location. In a shocking incident, a woman was allegedly raped during her night shift inside the Infosys campus in Pune. This incident has again brought attention to the women safety issue. Today, the case becomes prominent as India marks 3-year anniversary of Nirbhaya gang-rape.

As per reports, the woman alleged that she was raped on Sunday by housekeeping staff members in the Infosys phase 1 campus. The news came to light bit late.

The woman was working as a cashier at a canteen in Pune Infosys campus. The incident took place inside the canteen. The police have arrested two persons in connection with the case. Human Resources official at the Infosys Pune office is yet to react on the incident.

Infosys in 2014 also garnered attention for sexual harassment issue. Now, this incident which happened right inside the IT giant premises raises fear for the security of women in our society. 

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