Woman On Trial In Dubai For Starving And Beating Her Maid To Death
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A 63-year-old woman with a history of abusing domestic helpers has appeared at Dubai Criminal Court accused of torturing and starving an Indonesian maid to death. Emirati F S faces a charge of confinement and torture of the victim whose age was not included in court documents, by locking her up without food and water.
The court was told that F S fitted locks to all of the doors in her home, installed a fence on top of the garden wall and iron bars on the windows to prevent the maid from running away.

In September last year, Emirati Police “When we arrived we found the dead body on the floor inside her room. Although there was a bed, she was fully dressed and in her hijab, the room was tidy and clean, the defendant was very nervous,” police said .
The officer said he grew suspicious after finding a blood trail on the stairs. “We asked F S what happened. She said the maid fell and refused to answer any of our questions, she told us not to ask her anything,”

Police records revealed several complaints had been lodged against F S in the past for abuse of maids and several had absconded , a coroner’s report said starvation was the main cause of death and that the bruises found on the victim’s body contributed to maid's death.

“She starved to death and she was subjected to severe beating, the examination showed that she was apparently given some food to prevent her death but since the condition was severe, the attempt failed to save her life . 
F S denied the charges against her. “It did not happen,” she told the judge. The next hearing will be on March 17.



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