Zain Hot Spot Biscuit Router Doesn't Show How Much Charge Is Left
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I bought a zain router with 11 KD interent plan 

11KD - 30GB per month

I started using it immediatley and battery was full and used for 3 hours and still the battery was showing full , i was so happy as battery backup was too good but after an hour my router shutdowned suddenly .

Then i came to know that the device doesn't show how much charge is left, everytime it shows full in green , i though't its problem with the device then i went to the branch where i brought , The agent told me to go to some other branch in Farwaniya , i went there , they told me to contact customer care .

  I contacted customer care and i explained him whole issue , i agve the model no and everything , then he told me to go to salmiya branch , i went to salmiya branch , then the manager at the Salmiya Branch told me that the device design is like that , if you want i will raise compliant.

He Raised compliant and gave me compliant no , after few hours i got call from customer care , and they said they can't do anything , if you want to know how much charge is left just go to zain website everytime when you want to know how much charge is left,, then just sent me a sms saying your issue was resolved .

I was really surprised because they designed a device where ou will not know how much charge is left ,first time i am listening ,that to know how much charge is left i should visit a website.

wow it's awesome

i really dont know how others are using this router 





11 Oct, 2015 0 1027
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