Zimbabwean Woman Was Turned Into Slavery, Prostitution In Kuwait
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When she was alerted of an advert about job opportunities in Kuwait in a local newspaper by a friend, *Peggy saw a bright future for herself in the oil rich Gulf state. One of her biggest dreams was to buy a car by the end of the year and to enrol her three-year-old son at an elite nursery school in Harare.

Peggy, a chef, had high hopes of a better future after toiling for years in Zimbabwe with nothing to show for it."I was told by this employment agency [name withheld as police are investigating that case] that this was my turning point," Peggy said as she narrated her ordeal at the hands of human traffickers.

"I processed everything with the help of this guy we were told is Tito and some [Kuwaiti] embassy officials. "On November 20, I waved goodbye to my family at Harare International Airport en-route to Kuwait aboard Emirates Airlines."
It did not ring in her mind that she was entering the lion's den as she believed it was the fulfilment of a prophecy by a prophet at her local church. "In that flight, there were 10 of us destined for a similar mission. It was a memorable flight with high hopes that our lives were going to change for the better," Peggy said while holding back tears.

Soon after arrival, they were welcomed by a Kuwaiti national who worked with Tito."We went to a lodge where two women came and told us to surrender our passports and all documents," she said. "We were told to hand over our mobile phones to ensure that there was maximum concentration.

"I was assigned to work as a maid for a Canadian family. I was joined by two girls from Ethiopia and Cameroon," Peggy added. She was assigned to a big family living in an equally huge house and started work as early as 4am until midnight.
"We were not getting any salary as they told us that they had paid Zimbabwe-based agents to bring us there and they wanted to recover their money," Peggy said. "Among the duties we were assigned was doing laundry for 26 people and two of them were sick.
"We would cook and clean a 36-roomed house among other things , all this for no pay."

In February she refused to work demanding her salary as back home Tito had told her the airfares would be deducted monthly. "I was told that I would be paid $600 monthly with $150 being deducted monthly for 12 months to recover the airfares and other costs incurred."But that did not happen hence I refused to work. The lady at this house took me to the agent and demanded that I pay $2 000 because she no longer wanted me," Peggy narrated. Life changed for the worse soon after she was dumped at the agent's house.

An estimated three million Zimbabweans are living in foreign countries after escaping the economic and political turmoil that has gripped the country. Some of them have fallen prey to human trafficking syndicates that take advantage of their desperation to flee the country.



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