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Syrian Expat Who Is Wanted By Law Was Arrested A Syrian expatriate who is wanted by law for the payment of a debt worth KD 14,000 was arrested on Second Ring Road. According to security sources, when Capital Securitymen were patrolling Second Ring... January 02, 2017 0 148 Category: Crime News
Municipality Seizes 449 Kg Of Meat Kuwait Municipality launched inspection campaigns to ensure validity of foodstuff with field inspection teams seizing 449 kg of meat.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... January 01, 2017 0 2078 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced 3 Month Imprisonment To Popular Female Fashion Designer The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a popular female fashion designer to three-month imprisonment with hard labor over charges of committing fraud and swindling a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Shahed daily. ... December 31, 2016 0 273 Category: Crime News
Over 900 Illegal Billboards Removed And KD 4900 Fines Imposed In Kuwait Municipality Campaigns Violations Removal Section at Kuwait Municipality last month launched campaigns against restaurants, shops, posters and encroachments on state property, which resulted in the removal of over 900 billb... December 31, 2016 0 941 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Man Was Arrested After He Stormed Into A Shiite Mosque An unidentified man, assumed to be in his 30s, was arrested after he stormed into a Shiite mosque in Riggae area armed with a firearm and caused panic among the worshippers while they were performing ... December 31, 2016 0 352 Category: Crime News
Municipality Intensified Inspection Campaigns In All Six Governorates Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi stressed the concern of the municipality over the safety and health of citizens and residents, based on which it intensified inspection ca... December 31, 2016 0 302 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested 4 People For Selling Forged Work Permits And Salary Certificates Kuwaiti Securitymen have arrested four people, a Citizen, Bedoon, Egyptian and Pakistani for forging work permits and salary certificates for money, detectives discovered that 241 laborers were alread... December 31, 2016 0 872 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Acquitted Manager The Misdemeanor Court acquitted the manager and an employee of a travel and tourism agency forging flight tickets ascribed to an international airline company. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney Ali Al-... December 30, 2016 0 605 Category: Crime News
160 Individuals Arrested In Mahboula Security Campaign An intensive security campaign was held in Mahboula area under the watch of Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Sulaiman Al-Fahad during which 160 individuals were arrested , The... December 29, 2016 0 1967 Category: Crime News
100 Individuals Were Arrested In Safat Al-Dhahar Security Campaign A security campaign was held in Safat Al-Dhahar area (Sheep market) during which 100 individuals were arrested , the arrested individuals included 35 illegal laborers , 20 reported as absconding by th... December 29, 2016 0 3860 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Arrested In Possession Of Drugs Customs officers at Kuwait Airport foiled an attempt by an Egyptian passenger to smuggle nearly 3500 of narcotics pills hidden inside his bag , he was referred to the concerned authorities.   ... December 29, 2016 0 491 Category: Crime News
3 Asian Expatriates Were Arrested In Possession Of 48 Bottles Of Locally Manufactured Liquor Three Asian expatriates were arrested in Khaitan area in possession of 48 bottles of locally manufactured liquor. Securitymen from Khaitan Police Station were patrolling the area when they noticed thr... December 29, 2016 0 1396 Category: Crime News
Asian Arrested For Selling Entry Visas For His Compatriots Who Are Banned From Entering The Country The Farwaniya police have arrested an Asian for selling entry visas for his compatriots who are banned from entering the country. The daily added, the suspect was arrested after police set a trap for ... December 29, 2016 0 753 Category: Crime News
7 Citizens Were Arrested In Salmiya Area Where An Illicit Party Involving Drugs Was Being Held Seven Kuwaiti citizens were arrested from an apartment in Salmiya area where an illicit party involving drugs and alcohol was being held. According to security sources, when officers from Criminal Sec... December 29, 2016 0 529 Category: Crime News
Patient At The Amiri Hospital Has Been Detained Inside His Ward For Assaulting The Director Of The Hospital An unidentified patient at the Amiri Hospital has been detained inside his ward for assaulting the Director of the hospital Dr Ali Al-Alanda. A medical source said the patient is being treated from... December 29, 2016 0 395 Category: Crime News
Municipalitys New Law Will Curb Violations Regarding Buildings Municipality’s new law is a quantum leap and will curb violations regarding buildings and encroachment of State’s properties, Kuwait Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said. A... December 29, 2016 0 265 Category: Crime News
Traffic Department Issued 34,919 Traffic Citations In Crackdown During traffic campaigns held from December 18 to December 24 in all governorates of the country, officers from the General Traffic Department issued 34,919 traffic citations, seized 22 vehicles, deta... December 29, 2016 0 465 Category: Crime News
Partial Commercial Licenses Eyed To Staff Of Public Sector Ministry of Commerce and Industry is considering the possibility of granting partial commercial licenses to the staff of the public sector, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources. They sa... December 28, 2016 0 505 Category: Crime News
Asian Filed A Complaint Accusing Two Unidentified Persons Of Stealing His Car At Knifepoint A 44-year-old Indian man filed a complaint with Jahra Police Station accusing two unidentified persons of stealing his car at knife-point, In his complaint to the police the victim said the suspects f... December 27, 2016 0 850 Category: Crime News
Traffic Sector Conducted Campaigns Throughout The Six Governorates The traffic sector conducted campaigns throughout the six governorates , these campaigns led to the issuance of 34919 citations, impounding of 22 vehicles , arrest of 22 individuals who committed majo... December 27, 2016 0 1095 Category: Crime News